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With Elite Insights, we serve up a treasure trove of invaluable insights, firsthand experiences, and expert recommendations to transform your travels into extraordinary adventures. Our platform is a haven for wanderers seeking honest reviews, insider tips, and savvy tricks that elevate every aspect of their journey.  Explore destination guides that unveil the hidden gems and must-see landmarks across the globe, learn about products we experience and recommend. Anything more you would like to know, reach out to one of our expert Advisors.

Navigating Travel with Food Allergies

Jun 4, 2024

Useful Insights

As avid travelers, we understand the excitement and thrill of exploring new destinations. However, for those with allergies, the prospect of navigating foreign cuisines and unfamiliar ingredients can be daunting. At Elite Cruising and Tours, we prioritize the comfort and safety of all our clients, which is why we're excited to share a valuable tool that can make your travels smoother: the allergy card.

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Virgin Voyages Verdict

Feb 26, 2024


It’s no secret we love Virgin Voyages at Elite Cruising and Tours, perhaps it is the fresh take on cruising that is challenging the norm, or perhaps it is just done so well we can’t find much to not like about it!! Well, that’s not true, everyone has their flaws, and our verdict of Virgin Voyages depicts exactly what we loved, what could be done better and our insider tips and tricks to making your Virgin Voyage even better!!

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Disney Wonder Ship Inspection

Dec 22, 2023


Disney Wonder is in Australia, while in port we had the opportunity to jump onboard and find out what all the fuss is about! Check out our inspection review featuring a complete run down of what we loved and what we think you should know for you next Disney Cruise

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